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Human Dignity and Humiliation
In my doctoral dissertation, I examined humiliation, viewing it as a particularly forceful phenomenon that is often misunderstood and conflated with shame, embarrassment, or guilt (Gilbert,...
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The Social Construction of Systems of Privilege and Oppression
Robert K. Green, Ph.D. April 20, 2022 Oppression is prejudice and discrimination directed toward whole socially recognized groups of people, and promoted by the ideologies and practices...
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The Emerging Self
Author: Robert K. Green, Ph.D. Date: 3/28/2022 I have long been interested in the concept of emergence, especially as it applies to human beings; however, reviewing the literature can...
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My Mission

My mission is to create a safe environment where persons can learn, share, and deepen their understandings of themselves and others. It is through understanding our socially constructed perspectives that we gain the insights necessary to unburden ourselves of perspectives that preclude us from becoming our truest and most authentic selves. We are most human(e) when we live our most authentic lives.

Mission Statement: To serve as a place where all people can come together and reconstruct narratives that will engender social and personal changes that can lead to the emergence of new paradigms focused on becoming more human(e).


Emergence is not a “thing.” It is an active process in which we must consciously engage if we want to become our most free, happy, and human(e) selves. 

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