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Extravagant Weddings: A Case for Prudence and Social Responsibility
The modern idea of marriage is generally understood as a relationship of love, devotion, and companionship and cuts across all cultural barriers. While the institution is universal,...
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Marriage as Merger and Acquisition: An Analytical and Metaphorical Perspective
This article examines the intriguing parallels between the institutionalized social contract of marriage and the merger and acquisition process used by businesses (M&A). In this...
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The Necessity of Marriage in the Context of Parenthood in the 21st Century: A Reevaluation of Mores
Our expectations and notions of institutions like marriage change as societal standards change. Marriage was once thought of as a necessary step before becoming a parent, providing...
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Memorial Day and Self Emergence: A Celebration of Change and Sacrifice
  Memorial Day, a significant day on the American calendar, honors and remembers the valiant troops who gave their lives in defense of the nation. While people consider the principles...
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Historical Atrocities and the Roman Catholic Church
  Like every significant institution with a lengthy history, the Catholic Church has had periods in the past distinguished by deeds and ideologies that are now commonly seen as...
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Andragogy: A Need For Reinvention to Accommodate Technological Advances and Generational Learning Styles
    Malcolm Knowles promoted andragogy—the art and science of adult learning—in the 1960s and 1970s. With an emphasis on learner-centered methodologies and the value of learners’...
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To engage in scholarship that celebrates what it means to be most fully human(e) and thus open ourselves to the emergence of our truest and best selves.


Emergence is an active and continual process that we co-construct with the purpose of becoming our most free, happy, and human(e) selves. 

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