About This Website

The Emerging Self weblog (blog) is a place where people can carry on a dialogue asynchronously. In other words, rather than a conversation in which two or more people stream their dialogue in real time, asynchronous dialogue occurs  intermittently and sporadically.

Our long-term survival as a species demands that we learn to become agents of humanity, kindness, and selflessness. The process of becoming is no small feat, but nor is it too lofty an ideal. Emerging into the fullness of our humanity will require a paradigmatic shift. Coming together to share, reflect, and learn is a major step in the right direction and these actions will hasten such a shift. Change and the construction of new ways of being and seeing are dialogical actions. We need to develop a deeper consciousness of our narratives and scripts. We need to humble ourselves while we hold others in high esteem.

This website has become my passion. It is here that I seek to provide a safe forum where people can engage dialogically about the multiplicity of issues that repress people and groups and preclude all human beings (the oppressed and the privileged) from achieving the fullness of our humanity. It is through dialogue that we change the scripts and narratives that perpetuate oppression and privilege. Social (re)construction occurs through dialogue. The dialogue is not easy or comfortable. It necessitates hearing inconvenient and uncomfortable ‘truths’ about ourselves. it requires each person to take an honest account of their own contributions to the oppressions and privileges experienced by every human being on this planet.

My goal for this site is that it becomes a dialogical tool that serves a shared mission to engage scholars, intellectuals, and people from all walks of life in a mutual and deliberate co-construction of a just, equitable, and sustainable world.


Doctoral DIssertation

My life has been a journey of self-discovery. My career has taken many divergent paths. I began my career as a teacher. I then studied for the priesthood and was ordained a Roman Catholic priest. I left the organized religion, which I will write about in a future blog article. Next, I worked for a Fortune 25 company. During my corporate years, I decided to pursue an MBA. While pursuing my MBA, I decided to continue my educational journey by entering post-graduate studies. On the road to becoming a PhD, I earned my third Masters Degree. My doctoral dissertation is titled “Fat Persons Finding Meaning In Their Experiences of Humiliation: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.” I retired from the corporate world and have been a professor of undergraduate and graduate students at University of the People. I currently teach a graduate-level MBA course titled Organizational Theory and Behavior. I teach an undergraduate course titled Sociology. My students reside in nearly every country in the world. I hold my students to high academic standards because I place a high premium on education and learning. Emergence can occur through the struggles of hard work and total commitment.


PhDHuman and Organizational DevelopmentFielding Graduate University
Santa Barbara, CA
MAHuman and Organizational DevelopmentFielding Graduate University
Santa Barbara, CA
MBABusiness AdministrationCapella University
MDivTheologyAthenaeum of Ohio
Cincinnati, OH
BSEducationIndiana University
South Bend, IN
AALiberal ArtsAncilla Domini College
Donaldson, IN

In my spare time, I work on genealogy. I currently have over 25,000 names in my family history database that go back to the Middle Ages. I love working in my yard and have a manicured lawn of which I am very proud. My 92-year old mother resides in my home and together we have two rescue cats who we love to spoil. A couple years ago, I started a business that specializes in personalized apparel, home goods, cups, and other items. I handle the financial end of the business and my partner, my niece, handles the creative and manufacturing end of the business.